Alongside McFinkle himself, our blog has a number of key contributors who from time to time guest write a post or two.  Here are a few of the characters you need to keep an eye out for…

Debbie Gray

Debbie is a woman who loves adventure, dogs and swimming.  Debbie has an amazing laugh that would put a smile on a stone statue.  Like McFinkle Debbie keeps Border Terriers and loves to write about her experiences in the outdoors.


Simon Woodward

Simon is a 40 something Beatles fanatic! If he isn’t playing one of his much loved guitars he is busy at home reading one of his Bill Bryson collection.  Simon holds a full time job down teaching both German and French, is a father of two and married to the Manchester United supporting Lynne.  Life is busy!  He is seen here on the right enjoying a Dad & son trip to the Isle of Man.

Paul McLean

Paul is a legend of a fella who can turn his hand to many a thing.  From acting in movies to a coffee connoisseur.  From vegan chief to TV advert star Paul has covered much ground.  Paul enjoys the company of his whippet who often looks better than him or so his wife says!

Dave Parkinson

Dave is a big & soft hearted fella with a hard and big exterior.   Known and respected within the private security industry, Dave is also a father of one, a youth worker and is somewhat secretly jealous of McFinkle having a German Shepherd.

Guest writing…

If you are interested in writing for McFinkle and feel you would have something interesting to contribute inside 400 words why not get in contact?