McFinkle the blog, whats it all about?

McFinkle is a magazine lifestyle blog that at its heart is all about inspiration!  The author himself finds highly sought after inspiration through the process of writing and he hopes that the blog will inspire others too.

The blog has had its roots touch on many issues over its years of existence.  Everything from cycling, local events, reviews, youth work practice and christian faith.  It also has spoken on the authors personal struggles with weight management and chronic fatigue and has included articles on the outdoors, motivational writing, wild swimming, dogs and family.  A list of words that help describe McFinkle’s DNA include: Inspire, explore, theraputic, inhale, courage, outdoors, fresh, new, nature, vibrant, think, inform, dream, affirm, freedom, cheerfulness, honesty, beauty, laughter, community and so it goes…

Who is the author?

McFinkle’s real name is Peter Martin. He who currently lives with his family and two dogs on the  Ards Peninsula, County Down, N. Ireland.  In appearance he could be described as a chunky skinhead not to dissimilar in appearance to Bruce Willis …or so he says!