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Summer has been and gone, it was a great summer and workwise it was very enjoyable.  As we reflect on it there has been a few lessons learnt.  One of which was that for me writing is a recreational toy and not a professional tool. Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to ghostwrite for a few companies, which I found flattering at first.  However, truth be told within a few months I learnt that I neither had the appetite nor the time for it. McFinkle as a blog all but died with time only allowing fun to be had on our facebook page.

Another lesson I learned was that the original vision for this blog and the available time to do it did not match and so I am changing course with McFinkle. The plan now is to make it more of an informal personal blog with it coming away from having ambitions to generate income. The truth is it has already amply covered its overheads (for a few years) and to take it to the next level is a thing I haven’t the time for and no longer have the ambition.

The good news is but we are back! I have a few stories to share with you and I also have a few guest articles lying around so watch this space… McFinkle is on its way back.

We are back

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