There’s nothing to do around this community….

As someone who has worked as a community youth worker for many years it doesn’t half get on my nerves when I hear someone say… there is nothing to do around here! Whether it is a child or an adult I want to say to them … you should have gone Specsavers! All one has to do is open their eyes to find a glistening array of options, events and activities for all ages.

open your eyes

Every town is the same its just knowing where to look to find out whats going on. Have you visited the local community centre and had a look on their notice boards or the tables of a local coffee? In my town, Donaghadee we have a brilliant shoe shop called Dunn’s, I love a wee look in their window but also at their door. As I walked past it today I couldn’t believe the assortment of local events they had up and were advertising! Anything that is worth going to will have some kind of flyer up there, it is a brilliant wee service they offer ‘us’ the community free.

Dunns Donaghadee

Then there is the internet. Have you checked out the local facebook pages? Churches, shops, clubs and societies are always promoting this or that not to mention the local council or community pages. I was going to give a list of all that is going on in Donaghadee over the next few summer months, there are absolutely heaps! However, I fear missing something out whilst robbing you of the fun of hunting these events down. Just to give you a flavour but there is a two-week festival which you won’t want to miss. There is everything from acoustic cafes concerts to vintages teas both of which will all be held for free.

McFinkle Community Events

So get to it, get the detective glasses on and never let me hear you say that there is nothing on in your town… it’s just a case of looking!

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