Born to Run…

Today we welcome our first guest writer who doesn’t know our editor but inspired by our site volunteered to write. Take it away Claire….

Let’s start this by saying that running had never been ‘my thing’ (unless the off-licenses were about to close). Over the years I have tried aerobics, Tae-Bo, yoga – even Bollywood dancing – all within the safety of my own homes and with the curtains closed – but I just couldn’t find anything that made me want to stick at it. Then one day a friend in the same boat mentioned those dreaded words – COUCH 2 5K!

This now well-established fitness programme has seen thousands of ‘couch potatoes’ become accomplished runners but I had never thought it would be for me. However, after meeting down at the Commons twice a week I very quickly found my fitness levels starting to increase until I reached the programme’s goal – to run for 30 minutes – something I thought I would never achieve! I won’t lie. Sometimes it involved going out in less than pleasant weather when I would rather have been at home in front of the telly but I can guarantee the sense of achievement afterwards was overwhelming!

After completing my park run just 9 weeks later in a pretty pleasing 34 minutes I was determined not to let my knew-found fitness slip. During our Couch 2 5k we had all been told about the Dee Runners who meet every Wednesday at the slip way in the town at 6.30pm. Teaming up with my running mate we decided to give it a go! Obviously we were a little apprehensive that we would be amongst ‘real runners’ and would make a complete fool of ourselves but the great thing about this group is that it really is for all abilities and you can just take it at your own pace. Coached by the very experienced and inspirational Sam Hughes, the whole ethos of the Dee Runners is to improve overall fitness in a relaxed, informal and fun way. The group focuses on a different type of training every week to help improve overall fitness and stamina and I can guarantee that it is a great way to meet people and get fit in the beautiful surroundings of Donaghadee!

New members are very welcome at any time! Just head down to the slipway any Wednesday night at 6.30pm and give it a try!


You can also find out more by visiting the Dee Runners Facebook page.


Claire Vitti’s bio: I live in beautiful Donaghadee with my husband-to-be Paul, daughter Olivia and our beloved pooch Lola. I love eating out in our wonderful range of local restaurants, running (to work it all off!!) and am an active member of Dee Runners!!

Bio: Claire Vitti

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