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Here at McFinkle we love wisdom or perhaps a more recent term for it if life learning.  Whatever you want to call it we understand the importance of checking and reflecting on what life is teaching us and looking at what can improve or help with our quality of life.  Do you ever wonder why you never arrived at that goal you set for yourself?  Are you bemused as to why you set out to achieve one thing and what resulted wasn’t even in the same ball park?

sailing boats

Recently I have been reminded as I’ve read that life is very much like a hike in the mountains, or a trip in a sail boat.  As you journey you often go off course, you are not necessarily lost but you could be heading a few degrees in the wrong direction.  A few degrees isn’t much, your environment might look familiar or even tell you you are in the right general area however should you keep on that course of travelling even slightly off course you will end up far from your chosen destination.

McFinkles Dad & Himself

It reminds me of a day in July I spent in the Mournes mountains with my dad. It was 2009, before the days of M.E. and I was a lot fitter.  We set out full of vigor, smiles and deep conversation. Typical of us two we were in putting the world to right mode and didn’t notice that at a fork on the trail we took the wrong path.  We chatted on enjoying the scenery around us and munching on our grub when all of a sudden mountains we recognised that should have been on our right where on our left… typical men we didn’t stop and consult a map but continued on making what we thought were the right adjustments.

Cutting a long story short we got totally lost and had an hysterical adventure finding our way home that will forever be etched on our memories.  (The journey home involved both a bus and a taxi so you can just imagine how wrong we got it.)

Wisdom shows us life is somewhat similiar!  When we set a goal like losing weight, commencing a course of study or  starting a new regime in whatever sphere of life we want to bring change to we need to regularly check our course.  Small and regular checks to our direction and focus will prevent us from getting totally lost and frustrated.

Often we throw the baby out with the bath water and we are too quick to act without wisdom and abandon the goal or journey.  A quick return to eating the wrong food does not mean that our journey to losing weight should be abandoned or deemed a failure.  A bad essay mark does not necessarily mean that one chose the wrong topic.  It’s a simple indicator that you are off course, the work wasn’t right and we need to correct the direction of our path slightly. We all to often fail to reflect and adjust and just like my dad and I we end up in an unrecognisable destination.


We are capable of so much more than we think, we just need the wisdom to watch our direction and when we travel off the path we need to make those adjustments that keep us right.

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