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Here at McFinkle HQ we have been very successful at recruiting a team of talented writers to complement the work of our editor and chief. Since February ’18 we have had over 6 join the team and the response to their articles has been phenomenal.  So far the writers to have joined the round table here in the board room include:

Simon Woodward

Simon is a 40’s something Beatles fanatic and when he is not strumming one of his many guitars he is reading travel or adventure books.  Particularly common on his bookshelves  is the work of Bill Bryson. Simon is seen here enjoying some dad & son time on a lads only holiday.

A guest writer

Simon’s articles so far include: ‘There is treasure everywhere’

Debbie Gray

Debbie is a woman who loves adventure, animals and swimming.  With a smile and a laugh that would make a stone statue grin Debbie is a treat to be in the company of.  Like McFinkle himself she keeps Border Terriers and loves Donegal.

Debbie Gray

Debbie’s articles include: ‘Kayaking, Malin Head, BIG rollers and wet wellies’

Dave Parkinson

Dave is a soft and large hearted lad with a big and tough exterior! Know and respected within the private security sector, Dave is also a father of one, a youth worker and is somewhat secretly jealous of McFinkle owning a German Shepherd.

Dave Parkinson

Dave’s articles include: ‘Forrest Gump was onto something’

Paul McLean

Paul is a legend of a fella who can turn his hand to many a thing. From acting in movies to being a coffee connoisseur. From a vegan chief to a TV advert star Paul has covered much ground. Paul loves his dog and enjoys camping.  So far Pauls article is by far the most widely read and shared in McFinkle’s existence. A fact our editor and chief likes to keep to himself.

Paul’s articles include: ‘Living with a stroke at 41’

Julie Currie

A bit of a legend around these parts Julie is often in found in ‘Robin’s Nest’ one of Donaghadee’s finest eateries or swimming in the ocean with the local chunky dunkers.  With what little time is left Julie child minds and gets the occasional bike ride in.

Julie Currie chunky dunker

Julie’s articles include: ‘A journey into open water swimming’

Graham Moore

Is one of McFinkle’s cycling buddies who loves dogs too and swims with Donaghadee’s Chunky Dunkers.  Graham has a very fine wit which can be found in abundance in his writing. Graham loves the baps especially on an outing or accompanying a BBQ.

Graham’s articles include: ‘Becoming a cycling MAMIL’

Jack Wilson

A firefighter whose interests include football, rugby, the outdoors and movies.  Jack responded to a request on our facebook page asking for someone to do a movie review and did a fantastic job! We are hoping for more from him in the future.

Jack Wilson Guest writer

Jack’s articles include: A quiet place (movie review)


Anne Campbell

I am a 50 year old teacher of teenagers who sometimes thinks she is 16 too. I am currently on a career break to act as a carer for my mother.  I love guitar bands from the 00’s and the 90’s and of course the 80’s as this was my era.

Anne’s articles include: ‘Counting my Blessings’

Claire Vitti

I live in beautiful Donaghadee with my husband-to-be Paul, daughter Olivia and our beloved pooch Lola. I love eating out in our wonderful range of local restaurants, running (to work it all off!!) and am an active member of Dee Runners!!

Claire’s articles include: ‘Born to Run’

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