What exactly is ‘McFinkle’?

Recently at McFinkle HQ we have become aware that our name has arrived into peoples media feeds and it has left a question… what is McFinkle?

McFinkle is an online magazine of types; some might call it a simple blog, others may attempt to categorize it and call it a lifestyle blog.  To our mind its all of those things and more…  To put it into Norn Iron speak, its a wee website thingie that churns out freshly baked thoughts, stories and experiences. Some articles will be written by McFinkle’s friends but mostly they will be created by the man himself.

If push came to shove the main areas of interest for McFinkle include: the outdoors, health, personal growth and of course our famous reviews of local eateries, products and events.  It’s content can be likened to a lucky dip bag, one we hope you dip your hand into often and enjoy what comes out.

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