Celebrating in ‘Robin’s Nest’ (Bistro Review)

WOW I have so much I want to blog about… from last weekend,s camping adventure, a film review to some more gritty stuff like the wrestling that continues to go on with my M.E. /Chronic Fatigue…

Today but is a day of celebration!  A day to cheer 25 years of being with my soul buddy  Mrs Twinkle McFinkle.  We are married 20 years next week but we started dating this day a quarter of a century ago. I was 19 and a very innocent, handsome and mischievous lad, Jane was equally mischievous, incredibly humourous and had such an attitude of grabbing life by the horns that if I am honest I had never seen before in a female.


So today we decided to celebrate with a bite of lunch.  Donaghadee is blessed with some great eateries, one of which is ‘Robin’s Nest’ run by Stephen & Jill Kelly.  Stephen is the chief and has an amazing knack of making things that taste incredible from both the simple to the complicated.  Presentation is also high on Stephen’s agenda and when the food arrives you are often left with the challenge as to whether to eat it or frame it.

Jill on the other hand is in charge of hospitality, chatty without being intrusive. Jill invests both personality and humour into the atmosphere. An excellent example of this can be found in the picture of the coffee below.  Jill heard our conversation about our anniversary and placed the wee heart shaped sweet onto the saucer.

All the other ingredients that makes for a fine bistro are present in abundance.  The place is always spotless, the menu appealing, the pricing great and the coffee amazing.  What more could one ask for?


Overall McFinkle warmly recommends ‘Robin’s Nest’ for quiet bite of lunch should you ever be passing through Donaghadee.

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