Five great things that are FREE!!

Dawn Chorus

As a dog keeper often my two need out at stupid o’clock in the morning to answer nature’s call and to munch on some breakfast.  About 2-3 weeks ago I was letting Cuba & Lola out early one morning when I heard what was quite literally music to my ears.  It was the sound of the birds welcoming the dawn or as its better known the dawn chorus!  There is simply no sweeter a sound to be found at that time of day… and its free!


A good trouser burp

This is perhaps a little controversial depending on which side of the exchange you are on but for the one who delivers, the benefits are plentiful.  I don’t care what anyone says, farts are funny and even cathartic, they just are. Nothing beats the sense of relief as you deflate and with it comes a satisfied smile.

The smell of freshly cut grass

Since I was a child I loved this smell.  I used to enjoy sitting in the middle of the playing fields on a summer’s day and just soak it up.  Nothing can beat the silence of the country side, the heat of the sun and the smell of grass being cut … and again all of this comes free of charge!


A baby’s belly laugh

My sister has two beautiful kids, the lionheart as I call him is 3 and the princess is 8 months old.  When they laugh the room literally melts as their adorable giggles grab our hearts. Better still, the younger a baby is the more impact their belly laugh can have.  I defy anyone in a bad mood to listen to a baby’s giggle and not feel a sense of release and hope.  Thankfully these are free because in reality they are priceless and we otherwise couldn’t afford them!

A swim in a river/lake/sea

When I was a kid I was a bad rip especially during the summer when I struggled to deal with the heat.  My mum would say that the only thing to do that would stop her from murdering me was to throw me into a pool or the sea.  Things are pretty much the same now as some of my best adult memories came exactly the same way as my childhood ones… they came about when I was in the water.

Perhaps of all the things I can think of that are free water is the best.  I despair when I hear the prediction that world war three will be over water.  It deeply concerns me when I read of plastic particles being found in drinking water or worse canopies of plastic waste over parts of our oceans. Surely its time that we got serious about protecting, cherishing and even promoting the care of what nature provides free!

Other things I could have picked include:

  • A sound night’s sleep
  • The smell of fresh coffee
  • The sound of the wind as it blows through trees
  • Climbing into a fresh bed with clean sheets
  • The smell of a forest after a rain storm



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