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Today we have our third guest writer in as many weeks.  A good friend of mine for many years we have shared many hysterical moments but as for introductions I will let him do his own.  Dave take it away!
I’m Dave. I’m 32. I like movies. I’m overweight and I’m
in pursuit of God.

Well, that’s the introductions out of the way. I was 24
when my son was born. He was a healthy 9 lb 6 ounces and he was perfect.
Nothing could have prepared me for what lay ahead. I was a more than 24 stone
at that point in my life. I also must declare at that point in my life I was in
the middle of a desert, a spiritual desert. I had been a committed Christian
but through a period of time, I had relaxed my habits and was not a practicing
Christian.  Skip ahead to 2016 and I had
decided to get my house in order. I was 30 years old, had a good job and during
this time I had lost my uncle due to heart disease. I had come to the realising
that I needed God in my life. If I could sum it up with a quote it would be
 “The man who is seriously convinced that he
deserves hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is
worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place.”
By A.W
I was convinced that I needed God in my life and I needed
to get rid of some unhealthy habits that had existed and taken residence.  At this point in my life my habits of
overeating and enjoying…I mean ENJOYING food had meant the scales were
encroaching on 28 Stone.
I had to do something. I had a beautiful 6 year old boy,
who was still perfect and who was full of energy. I couldn’t help but thinking
that when he wanted to run around, be chased and play football that I wasn’t delivering
and my unhealthy attitudes were holding him back. I was thinking that my
unhealthy choices were rubbing off and he was picking up on them. It wasn’t
just about me anymore.
So… I had to start moving more.
I started slimming world and I started exercising more.
Walking when I could, instead of the car I took my feet. This was great, I
started losing weight.  As time has come
along, I was both becoming lighter, and starting to feel good about myself.
My mental health was improving; I wasn’t down in the
dumps as much. I am not going to pretend I’ve looked up studies and can link
certain releases of chemicals with parts of the brain and feeling good and blah
blah blah. I can only tell you what has happened with me. As I have lost
weight, I have started to feel more positive about myself, about life and about
the people around me.
My son has started to gain a Dad that is active and
springs up from a chair ready to face the world.
By just moving a little, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve come to
the realisation that exercise and holistic healthiness go hand in hand. One
doesn’t go without the other. But with subtle changes the rewards can be
massive, but you must start somewhere and create a line in the sand. The past
is behind you before you can move forward.
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