Will 2018 deliver for YOU?

If I am honest I love setting goals, I love to blue sky
think, grab a clean sheet and start a fresh. 
What I am not so good is being accountable to myself and realising these
goals.  So what about New Year
resolutions?  For you are they long since
forgotten or are you still working with them? 
For many years I have set them and lost my way with the majority of them
within a few months.  So frustrated was I
with this pattern that I decided in January 2017 not to set any.  My reflection on this 14 months later, is
that 2017 was less ambitious and lacking in engagement, growth and reward.  The old mantra that if you aim for nothing,
you hit nothing certainly rings true.  So
8 weeks ago I decided to return to setting targets for the year ahead.

I normally like to set 10 goals that are spread over the
various aspects and interests of my life. 
As I look across them at this the beginning of March, I note that
progress has been made on all of them. 
Perhaps not consistent progress somewhat frustratingly but none the less,
better than if I had set no goals at all!
I hate the thought of letting life slip me by, of not
grasping it with both hands and enjoying it and its wildness to the full.  I want to live life intentionally whether
it’s in the development of my interest in the outdoors or in exploring the joy
that I find in writing.  I want to choose
to invest in my relationships with my family as well as in my walk with God. I
want not just to talk about losing weight but to develop a plan and to stick
with it.  I guess what I am saying is
that nothing happens without the vital ingredients of desire and
So with over three quarters of 2018 left what is your
year going to look like?  Is it going to
be another random year living in the currents of where life takes you or are
you going to surface and sail your ship to new horizons?  The choice is yours to make, but make it you

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