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Like the title says there’s treasure everywhere and this nugget fell into my inbox yesterday from Simon Woodward.  It’s ‘McFinkle’s first guest post…  Simon one of my main buddies is the drive behind our Lads TV night, and the competition I talked about a few blogs about to be first to get a piece of writing published. Take it away Simon:
I love travel. I read travel books, watch travel videos
and dream of destinations and itineraries on a daily basis. I have a
subscription to a travel magazine, listen to travel podcasts and read travel
guides like other people read Harry Potter. I am, in short, a travel nerd.


However, this hobby/obsession creates a problem. I will
never be able to visit all the places I want to see in this lifetime, and no
amount of pictures, videos and travelogues can ever make up for actually being
in a place, absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of somewhere new. Unless I inherit
a million or two in the next few years I am limited to one European holiday per
year. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I’m very happy with my lot, and I know
I’m very fortunate to have access so such a wonderfully varied continent to
choose a holiday destination. But it would be nice to travel more, and therein
lies my conundrum – how can you realistically travel more without sacrificing
your job or accumulating so much debt that you have to keep working till you’re
I have a solution. You can travel in your own country,
your own county and your local area.
The thing I love the most about travel is finding
something new. I enjoy seeing the things everyone raves about, but I love
finding the hidden, the local gems that you remember years after you’ve
returned, the ones that bring a smile to your face when you’re sitting at home
on a dull January afternoon.
So why not travel at home? It doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t
involve airport parking and flight delays. You could take a Sunday afternoon
and treat it as if you were on holiday. You could open up a map of Northern
Ireland and pick a place you’ve never seen.  Where would you go? What would you do? Where
haven’t you been to that you always wanted to visit? Where haven’t you been to
in ages?
Give it a whirl. Pick a time, a destination and go. You’ll
have your mobile with you so why not take a few pictures of things that catch
your eye. If it’s rubbish it’s easy to come home. But if it’s not, you might
just open up a whole world of possibilities.
Just to whet your whistle here’s a little picture of a
place I stumbled across recently – Glastry Nature Reserve just outside
Ballyhalbert. An absolute gem of a spot.


Simon is a 40 something Beatles fanatic! If he isn’t playing one of his much loved guitars he is busy at home reading one of his Bill Bryson collection.  Simon holds a full time job down teaching both German and French, is a father of two and married to the Manchester United supporting Lynne.  Life is busy!  He is seen here on the right enjoying a dad & son trip to the Isle of Man. 


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