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A good mate of mine and I meet regularly to sit in front
of the tele to burp, scratch and eat as we catch up and have a good bit of
banter.  To be honest I normally give him
the lion size share of the stick whilst he tries to get a word in edge ways.  Every now and then we will agree a challenge
and one of the more interesting ones we have agreed to is to try and get some
written work published by a going concern.
This doesn’t have to be by a proper publishing house just somewhere
professional and so your grannies blog is not counted.  The alluring prize for the first to achieve our
goal is an exciting £10 book voucher from Amazon!
In researching this fete I stumbled across two well
respected blogs who were asking for guest writers and to my surprise they not
only liked my submissions but they published them.  One reflects on how youth work has changed since the 80’s and the other about mask wearing.  Whilst they don’t count as they are not going
concerns they have served as a great warm up gig. Here they are (links above):
 Youth work


So why am I telling you this?  Well it’s my turn to open my blog to you the readers
and for you to get the fingers typing…
If you have an idea contact  with your proposal – it should be no more
than 200-400 words and can be about anything as long as decencies are
kept.  One last thing, it must be of
interest to more than you lol.  During
the week I opened the opportunity on Facebook to guest write on my blog and was
pleasantly surprised by not only the uptake but by the ideas that came
forward.  Hopefully we are all in for a

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