The Imperfect…

About 18 months ago I decided that I wanted to read
something a little different.  I was
having a rummage through the ‘Christianity Today’ website when I came across an
article listing the books that they had recently awarded prizes to. The book in
question that caught my eye and wallet was this one:
 Buy the book now...

As I started to read this book I began to question whether
it was worth the author attempting to write the book in the format of a novel.  However as I delved deeper I began to embrace
the format and cherish his writing style. 
The book is broken into four segments;
Part 1 – The Calling We Pursue
Part 2 – The Temptations We Face
Part 3 – Reshaping Our Inner Life
Part 4 – Reshaping The Work We Do
Each part is then broken into 3-4 shorter chapters, which
I have to say I love.  An author with a tendency
to write long chapters can often leave me having lost the will. My favourite
part of the book was where he underlined the mental and philosophical temptations
those who serve face.  Do these 4 chapter
headings resonate with you?  “Everywhere
for all”, ‘Fix it All’, “Know it all” and ‘Immediacy’? It hit such a chord with
me that I wish I had of read it before I arrived in my latest post.  I spent 20 years saying that I would never work
in a church only to find myself doing just that for the past 4.  As I read it it was like someone was taking
scissors to the multiple webs of disconnected thinking I found myself embroiled
Now you may be thinking that since you don’t work for a
church this book wouldn’t be for you – you would be wrong!  I would recommend this book for anyone
serving in a church no matter what their role or employment status is.  This book would be ideal for the newly
appointed elder or deacon as much as it would be helpful for the willing church
volunteer with aspirations towards growth and maturity.

An interesting book with both a reflective and at times
poetic writing style I would heartily recommend it!

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