Through the Keyhole…

I am an armchair fan of adventure… the evidence is all
around.  If an episode of “Through The
Keyhole” took a look around my gaff they would find all sorts of gear, books
and even the odd DVD that would suggest I’m a person of action. They would
conclude the resident is an outdoor type.
Currently but that would be an illusion.
Then the presenter would then take a look at my
bookshelves.  They would look at the
titles, authors and covers and would be led to the conclusion that the owner
would not only be interested in adventure but also be an activist interested in
church work, social justice and mission.  In the cold light of day but could this also
be described as an illusion?
Now perhaps some of you may say, Peter you are being a
bit harsh!  Don’t get me wrong, I am
interested in the outdoors and I am interested in faith based mission.  In my head I am definitely an
adventurer.  I’ll even go further and
confess that my daydreams and night dreams are increasingly pulled in that
direction.  I gaze lustfully at travel
films on youTube, listen to colourful podcasts of people doing courageous things
for God and somehow allow that to be where it rests.
However I am increasingly dissatisfied and I want more…
Last night a very talented fella spoke in our evening
service.  He talked about church being
about three things.  1. Worship 2. Fellowship
and 3. Mission.  Accurately so, he give
the analysis that we focus almost solely on the first two and almost completely
ignore the third.  I could hear the
audience chuckle as he described conversations between church members about the
music being too loud, too old fashioned or too not in some other way to their
liking.  I heard the gentle laughter as
he said that we had boiled fellowship down to the right sized traybakes that
were to die for.  However whilst I found
it entertaining too I couldn’t help but wonder if the laughter was one of
nervous discomfort as people seen the truth in what he was saying.
In the same way that I have assigned intellectual allegiance
to adventure of all sorts but rarely done any I wonder if the Church worldwide
has done the same to mission.  Imagine if
25% of the worlds church strapped their boots on and got their hands dirty,
what would it look like?  Whilst it could
be travelling across continents to engage in adventure spiritual or otherwise that’s
not my immediate focus. I mean here at home in your town, community or street.
Deep down I believe we all secretly desire the life of
adventure, to accomplish things beyond what we thought possible and to know
that one’s time is counting for something.
However to do that we must move past mental consent and into action.  To travel beyond the inspirational and into
reality. When and on what are you going to start?

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