Plus one…

This week our family increased by one, a very BIG
one.  If you haven’t already heard may I
ask where have you been?? I must have told everyone I know about it at least 4
times now.  Most people now seem to glaze
over when I mention it.  Well you may
have noticed the references to Cuba over the last few weeks, well that was me
playing with you.  The Cuba I was referring
to is a BIG beautiful 5 year old German shepherd! A more beautiful dog you are
not likely to meet and a better breeder you will not come across. (or at least not
Introducing Cuba…
Cuba comes from the prestigious and successful Voneisen
Kennel and was a multi award winning show dog for the first three years of his
life.  He then grew tired of it and as a
measure of the quality of his breeders they didn’t insist he continue.  Instead he retired and stayed
very much a central part of the family where he thrived and was cherished.
He arrived with us on Saturday and the first thing he did
was to accidentally break the brand new car harness we bought for him.  Whilst we starred at astonishment his charm
was already working on us as quickly we began to realise that you just can’t
get angry with the Cubester.
Today’s Chunky Dunkers…
We are delighted with how quickly the big fella has
settled in well and is starting to obey our commands.  One of my mates in the ‘Chunky Dunkers’ even
commented today as we swam in the sea that she had never seen a dog settle in
so quickly.  I have to agree he’s like
part of the furniture.  Lola keeps her
distance but to be honest she can be a little aloof with everyone at the best
of times.  She loves to be in charge and
she loves her own company.  We are just
delighted that they seem happy to share the same bedroom and owners.
Big Cuba & Wee Lola walking on the same lead and to heel!
So how is your weekend looking?  Mine needs to be restful and hopefully peaceful
too… talk soon!

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