Taking war too lightly…

Bless us all todays swim was cold… at 10.8 degrees it has
50% left to drop in temperature.  Will I
brave that? Hmmm only time will tell. 
You know I have been doing this now for 5 or so weeks and the thing I
love most is the banter and the comradery.   Yes I love swimming but the social
interaction in an arena where I have no responsibility is very therapeutic!  It’s an experience and an activity I’m glad
came my way and I would recommend it to anyone!
Fellow Chunky Simon & I before the dip!
During the week Twinkle and I went to see Deacon
Blue.  In their heyday I could take or
leave them but their album “Raintown” always resonated deeply with me.  Over the close to 30 years since its release
(a frightening thought) I have returned to it time and time again.  I can think of only a few other albums that
this would be true off.  We sat at the
very back of the third tier of the Waterfront and I have to say whilst visually
it was good you did feel a little removed from the action. I must remember that
for any future visits.
Deacon Blue at the Waterfont…
This weekend is a big weekend for a variety of reasons
but one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the most is that our son Gee-Dubs
is coming home for the weekend.  I miss
having that big ligg about the house and I know Lola will be ecstatic.  Every time he comes home through the door she
nearly bursts!!
Lola greeting Gee-Dubs
This week was my second week of my phased return to
work.  Honestly my body has not responded
as well as I thought it might.  Yesterday
I visited the needle queen and as we talked I began to realise that I had
stopped doing the exercises she had recommended alongside taking some of the
magic potions.  The battle with this
illness is all about consistency and that is something I have always struggled
with, it’s an area I need to urgently improve on.  I’ve starting to realise that one morning,
afternoon or evening of work takes me two days to recover from.  OH the frustration…
I have written about it in past on other blogs and so I won’t
linger but today on Remembrance day I often think of my grandfather’s wee brother
who didn’t make it home from WW2.  My mum
still has the last letter he wrote.  As I
read it it’s the language and focus of a mere boy whose main concern was his
family and Linfield.  My grandfather was
hurt deeply by his loss and frequently arranged for flowers to be placed on his
grave, even going to France to visit his real grave on a few occasions. I am
very thankful and proud that my family was involved in stopping Hitler from
realising his plans.  However, its
memories like this that makes me realise that today we take war and the talk of
it far too lightly.  Yes it’s ok for
politicians to send people off to fight but it’s neither them nor their
families that pay the price.  I am not a
pacifist but I do think we need to think a lot more carefully before placing boots
on the ground so to speak.
Thank you!
Tonight is a lads night TV with a few mates, bring on the
sponge cake and hot tea, what does the weekend hold for you?  Talk soon…

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