More bang for my buck…

For the third day trawlers have been floating around my
neighbourhood fishing for clams.  I love the
spectacle of them doing this although the lack of fish around these parts makes
me wonder if these guys have done permanent damage over the years.
The scene from our front garden…
I’m no expert but up on the north coast I’ve
spent many a successful hour fishing for flat fish.  So why with the sandy banks of the peninsula
are there none around these parts?
Answers on a postcard please lol…
You may or may not know that reading and books is a love
of mine.  Some unkind souls might humorously
suggest more the purchasing of literature than the reading of it.  True as that might be (much as I hate to
admit it) I love the inspiration and eureka moments that books can
provide.  One of my biggest frustrations however
is how slow I read. I literally read at the same speed I speak and so the tally
of books read in a month or even a year was up to about a decade or so ago very
A number of years ago I set myself the target of reading
6 books in a year.  Target reached I then
pushed for 10 in the following year.
This year I set the target at 12 and made an amazing start in the first
4-5 months of the year.  Unfortunately
but when the illness arrived my attention span left me and so things have slowly
ground to a halt.  We are now into
November and I have three books left to read to hit my target.  Now don’t get me wrong I was half way through
3-4 books before the cease in activities and so I am confident that with a
little push I will cross the finishing line.
As I consider that but I am left with a question… what difference has
all this reading made to my life?  Yes of
course my knowledge has been expanded which is always a good thing but I read
with a higher purpose than that in mind.
I want my character to change and grow; I want my horizons to be
broadened and my quality of life to be enriched.  I want to embrace fresh wisdom and to learn
new things that directly impact my life and those around me.
Goodreads monitoring my progress…
You see reading isn’t a thing that I naturally
enjoy.  It’s not something that I would
rush to do.  It’s always been a labour of
love that has necessitated a good dose of self-discipline.  So with that being the case I want something
to show for it, I want my investment to pay.
I need to perhaps not judge success by the quantity of books that I’ve
read or even the type but by the inside change it brought.
I love challenging myself but these days as I grow older
I want more bang for my buck… Talk soon!

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