It’s been a while…

Last week flew in but it felt like it lasted a
month!   What’s the word when two things are true but are
poles apart… Oh that’s right an “oxymoron”. (Thank goodness for Google)  It was week without a blog post, but included two
outdoor swims, some back pain, a persistent cold and the reintroduction of the
green shake to my diet. I cleared out two bedrooms, had a BIG bonfire to
dispatch of two old wardrobes, searched for a big and old estate car and
started the process of being phased back into work.  Yes I’m returning to work (puffs out his
chest whilst wearing a cheesy grin).
Our “wee” bonfire…
Yesterday morning I was in the Church where I work and I was
bowled over by the warm welcome and well wishes I received. I can’t lie I was
as nervous as a child returning to school after a long summer off.  5 months is a long time to be away but I’ve
missed the place, its people and its heart.
It was good to see the warm smiles of children as I said hello and to receive
the hugs of many friends and fellow members.
The afternoon came and good as the morning was I felt shattered
and nauseous.  Due to work with a team of
volunteers in the evening I went to bed and slept like a log. As I woke I could
not believe what a simple morning took out of me, I felt like a safe a cat burglar
had visited.  Last night was great craic as the team and I shared a pizza or three, there was lots of laughter and
banter floating around.  Whilst I was the
victim of most of it, it was great to be back at the helm.  I love my job and I adore what I do.  I get excited when a group of people sit down
to talk and dream, the potential of conversations like that blow me away each
and every time.  I never tire of them.
This morning came and I feel like a ship that has run
aground.  My cold seems to have upped
things a gear or two and my fatigue is heavy and hard.  For a while I felt gutted! I don’t mind
saying it but I would be a fool if I thought things in this season of adapting
back to normality weren’t going to be hard.
A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie (p95)
By mid-morning I had read this in a prayer book and it felt
so perfect to the mood it inspired me to march on.  Such beauty to use negativity so creatively
or to use an expression I am very fond of such “Cheerfulness in the face of

I hope you too are inspired by and I look forward to
talking with you again sooner rather than later.

Ps.  I’ve posted a new “Album of the Week” available to Spotify users.  Just click the link on the left and it should activate your spotify App and play it.  It’s an old EP I used to love and listen to a lot…

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