Breaking news…

There has been a lot of talk
about this next song, maybe too much talk. A line stolen from the old U2 album “Under
a blood red sky” but it kind of summarises how I feel.  It’s been a very long time coming but
yesterday one of the last pieces fell into place.
Yes you guessed it the issue of
the second dog.  The house we currently rent
we love but it is carpeted throughout and with the kitchen on the first floor it’s
the wrong house for a puppy.  That said it’s
the right house for so many other reasons that we don’t wanna move anytime
soon.  So an agreement was struck
yesterday between all parties concerned. 
We can rescue a house trained adult dog.
You won’t need to be told that
for quite a while now I have been having a love affair with German Shepherds.
For years (literally) I have been talking about getting one and so now the hunt
can officially start.   Now dear only
knows what we will end up with but in an ideal world (if such a thing exists) this
is what we would like…
We would like a large male with
a short haired coat full of dark and rich colours.  A dog that has been the victim of
circumstance not abuse.  A fella that is
of stable character, good with other dogs and who doesn’t need to
dominate.  You see the dog we already own “Lola” is a terrier by name and nature.  She’s small
in stature but strong in character.  She
is DEFINITELY NOT a nasty temperamental dog but she does know her mind.  Therefore any new dog will have to be accommodating.

Our Lola the border terrorist…

I hear you ask why must the dog
not be the victim of abuse.  It’s simply
that we don’t have much experience of the breed and therefore would not be
experienced enough for one from a heavy and damaging background. 

So here we go let the search
begin.  You never know Santa may bring
more than that wifi speaker I have been after or the GoPro camera!  Talk soon…

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