Uncle Joseph & the Lionheart…

It’s Friday, and yet another weekend is upon us…  I love weekends although they never quite seem so long, relaxed and fun as they did when I was young.  This weekend we get an extra hour in bed and I don’t know about you but this house needs it.
Uncle Joseph & Auntie Kathleen
Twinkle is jam packed with the cold and feeling the pace of a demanding week.  Her uncle Joseph died on Tuesday and was buried yesterday.  Joseph was a lovely gentleman who embodied all that was good about previous generations.  He always greeted me with a warm smile and a welcoming handshake.  Don’t get me wrong I didn’t know him very well but that makes what I’m about to say even more special.  When we caught eye contact with each other somehow, he made me feel highly valued and esteemed without saying a word. It’s funny but both my grandfathers had the same knack. Two minutes in the company of Uncle Joseph and I felt elevated to the status of a dignitary.  How did men of this generation do it?  I would love for the young people and parents I work with to say the same about their interactions with me. For each member of my congregation to feel the same way I did in the company of Joseph Murray.
Introducing the Lionheart…
Here is a hero of mine who in his short life has taught me so much. “The Lionheart” as I know him is one of the happiest go lucky lads I have ever met.  He almost constantly has a smile on his face and a giggle in his belly. Check out this wee minute of  a video treat to see what I mean…
Over the past few weeks I’ve been observing how he lives in and for the moment.  He lets nothing kill his joy, steal his laughter or destroy his curiosity.  He embraces life warmly and lives life to the full.  As I chill with him I am reminded of the bible verse John 10:10 and he demonstrates for me what the bible means when it asks us to have faith like a child.


More than that however he inspires me to choose life.  I want that day when we jump of harbours together, spend nights fishing for Trout whilst listening to them leap for the evening flies.  I hunger to see the wonder on his face when he rides his first bike and drives his first car.  You see its future moments like these make me want to beat both my eating disorder and chronic fatigue so that I can be there for them.  For this Lionheart I owe you a tidy sum and I look forward to repaying you with a trip to Windsor to watch the mighty Belfast blues, a night under canvas eating sausages in the mountains and sharing the joy of a bike ride blended with a café stop to fuel the adventure.
You have been warned lol 😉

Have a great weekend folks, talk soon.

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