Purchasing failure…

What shall I write about today?  My mind is full of stuff and over the past
few days a wee list of potential subjects has been developing.  These themes include; inspiration, planning
my first Microadventure, growing consistency, the importance of dogs, and
When you are embarking on a weight loss journey
inspiration is essential.  Actually
inspiration is essential in every field of life and when I have allowed it to
dim, I dim, life gets dull.  During the
weekend I visited my favourite clothing store “Cotswold Outdoor”.  I just love the functionality and
practicality of clothes designed for the outdoors. Most of my clothes have been
creaking and groaning of late as my increasing size has been stretching and
pulling them to the limit.  As I
walked through the store I seen lots that I liked but little that I could buy
because I am now too big.  It’s
depressing and ironically is an experience that has often in the past drove me
to comfort eat. It’s easy to be overcome at this point by regret and self-condemnation
but if allowed it comes at a very heavy price which often ends in the purchase
of failure.  Over the weekend as I
wrestled with this I decided to remind myself of past successes and the
experience of wearing clothes that I really liked. Memories but sometimes aren’t
enough and so I decided to go through some photos of old and this is what I


This reminds me of what is not only possible but what I
have actually achieved in the past.  I
grasp the two pounds I lost last week with both hands and push on to the day
when I can once again enter into shops and buy of the peg.  You see you may be used to seeing me wearing
a black long sleeve t-shirt and cheap blue jeans but that’s not what I want to
wear it’s what at this point fits.  It’s
not a wardrobe I want to hold on to.
I have to say I have really been enjoying writing again
and I have been touched by the odd word of praise and the humorously worded
backhanded compliments I have received from friends and family.  Yesterday I had lunch with one of my oldest
friends.  We have always had a unique
friendship that would remind you more of two school boys in the playground than
two grown men.  He leads an internet
design firm “Flint Studios” that he and others have built from scratch over the past 5 years.  Yesterday as we walked through his offices I
was impressed with the 22 staff and the atmosphere I found within the place. He
has done well and it was pleasure to observe.
Whilst our friendship is deep and long lasting the style of our banter and
laughter based comradery means that compliments are rarely exchanged between us
but it’s not unknown.  As we ate lunch he
said I’ve been meaning to say that I have been thinking of getting you to help
us with stuff.  I nearly spat my teeth
out as I thought another wind up was coming but it wasn’t.  He stated that he has been reading my blog
and felt I wrote well.  Whilst catching
my breath from that statement and its complimentary content I checked that I wasn’t
dreaming.  He then went on to say that
there are times when customers want blogs to be part of their website but that
they struggle to get authors.  He felt I
might be an ideal candidate.  It’s not a
job as such but would pay pocket money, a thing I wouldn’t mind at the moment
to help fund the odd toy or adventure. Who knows what will come of it but I was blown
away by the affirmation.
Enjoy your Tuesday, I’m away for what looks like a swim
in the rain… talk soon!


Ps Should you fancy guest writing on my blog please get
in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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