A 10p mix up…

A 10p mix up of things that have been randomly travelling
around my head or that I’ve recently learnt, experienced or achieved…
1. Today I weighed in at 19st 11.6lbs – A LOSS OF 2lbs!!
2. Never take a giant bowl of granola after fasting for
24 hours – a recipe for a tornado!
3. NEVER do a Pilates class straight from taking a giant
bowl of granola having fasted for 24 hours. You will spend the hour tensing the
wrong set of muscles which should you fail could lead to you being charged with
war crimes including the use off weapons of mass destruction.
4. This afternoon I beat my old mate Jeremy Biggerstaff
at a game of pool.  This was straight
after he paid for an expensive lunch. 
Carlsberg don’t do afternoons but if they did…
5. Sainbury’s Sweet Potato fries are to die for… it’s in
the herbs they use!
6. Dunnes clothes are a lot better than I thought, especially
the jeans… better than M&S for sure!  (How middle aged do I sound?)
7. I’m upping my walking to a mile a day.  Blend that with outdoor swimming 1-2 times a
week and a Pilates class once a week and that’s my exercise plan for the next
8. I have appointed a new advisor… like the Stig on Top
Gear they remain anonymous but advise/educate me on all things diet and
exercise related.
9. I’ve discovered a mate who lives in Donaghadee and
cycles once a week 20-30 miles at an average of 14mph.  I want to join him in the New Year.
10. I’ve set myself the target of swimming at least once
a month in the sea for the next year.

Hope you had a great weekend… talk soon.

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