Answering THAT question…

It’s Friday!! Anything nice planned for the weekend?  Mine will hopefully be a gentle one full of family
and laughter.  I’m just back from my
third outdoor swim with the “Chunky Dunkers” and I’m feeling a bizarre mix of
invigoration and fatigue. 
A chunky dunker seen today clinging to hot water bottles
The last two weeks have seen major strides forwards
with the addition of Pilates and swimming to my programme towards health and
recovery.  With Chronic Fatigue you need
to budget how you spend your energy, it’s a massive pain in the bazookas!  I now know that it takes 2 days to recover
from an activity.  The question arises well
is it worth doing an activity if it takes such an effort and time to
recover?  It’s a hard question to answer if
I’m honest, however if an answer was demanded I would say yes it is worth
it.  The sense of hope these activities
bring is priceless and central to recovery. To feel adrenalin, to be pushed
physically and to socialise is something that in August I wasn’t sure I could
see on the horizon.  At this point
depression sailed very close by and I don’t say that lightly!
I have been asked a question frequently over the past two
weeks and I have some answers but not enough. 
I want to return to work, I miss my young people and congregation and journeying
with them.  When I went on sick leave at
the start of June it was for what I thought would be a fortnight.  Here we are nearly 4 months later and I’m impatient
to get started.  I seen one of our children
from church the other day and nearly didn’t recognise them.  4 months has brought a lot of growth and
Answering THAT question…
So the question is this… How will I live my life
differently to accommodate my illness and to prevent a relapse?  You see most people experience Chronic
Fatigue as a medium to long term illness. 
Getting back to work will make me tremendously fortunate and very
thankful to God for the healing he has so far brought to my body.   However
the other day I received a text from a friend sharing that they now have been
living with it for 8 years and whilst having returned to work for most of that
period it’s something they still have to accommodate.  As November approaches I want more answers…  So this weekend it’s time to think.

Have a great weekend folks, talk soon!

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