Made for adventure…

This morning whilst feeling rubbish and with energy low I am very thankful that I can look out from my living room and admire God’s creation.  I love the inspiring sound of the wind whistling around the house as it rustles the leaves. The sight of the whites of waves battering the rocks whilst the sun illuminates all around it offering therapeutic company.  The blue skies, the various greens of the ocean and the autumnal browns of the trees and bushes invite me to come out and play.
Playing is something that over the past 2 or 3 years I’ve stopped doing.  I’m not sure why but I allowed other things to consume me and gradually my interests dimmed.  I haven’t lifted a fishing rod, rambled through the mountains or took a leisurely trip out on my bike – it all slowly ceased.  My tent lies rotting in storage and the camping holidays on the west coast of Ireland, Cornwall and Wales are old distant and dusty memories. As my ability to play faded so did my ability to regenerate and renew.
As my chronic fatigue hit hardest a close friend of mine came up with a God send of an idea.  Simply to sit together on a night, eat cake and watch lads TV.  TV programmes on a whole host of things, from restoring old cars, mining for gold under frozen oceans, and adventures in the great outdoors.  I remember when we started both my mental and physical energy were so low that I could barely engage in conversation.  Gradually however the stimulating evenings in front of the box started to inspire my spirit and my imagination began to create dreams.


Last night the agenda was no different as we dined on Madera cake alongside pots of piping hot tea. We began by watching Guy Martin’s incredible attempt to beat the world speed record on a motor bike.  Hard to top my buddy carefully selected 3 or 4 YouTube videos to watch that literally excited the life out of me.  I have attached two for your viewing. The first one is on a great idea called micro adventuring (not cycling as the pic might suggest) with the second one being on an imaginary journey round Scotland, linking together wild bothies and landscapes.


The outdoors may not be your thing but I would encourage you to watch the beautifully filmed mini-documentaries and allow them to fuel your spirit of adventure.  It’s my conviction that both life and faith have generally been dumbed and dulled down and for both to survive that needs to change.
If you continue down the path you are currently on then when you get to the other side of your life what will you have to show for it?  God created us for so much more than answering e-mails, ticking off to do lists and staring at Facebook. God created us for adventure with him…
Talk soon!
Ps I am deeply grateful for friendship; it’s a gift I treasure closely and want to invest more in.  Thank you Simon for yours… 

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