The importance of a pulse…

This morning I’m feeling rough.
Nausea my old friend is back and I’m shattered and headachy.   A good friend said a few weeks ago to expect
a low after a trip to the acupuncturist as a result of the energy the body
spends in healing itself.  Perhaps indeed
it is that or it could be the fact that of late junk food has again been sneaking
into my diet or it could be the result of last night’s light and broken sleep.
One sign of progress I am delighted with came yesterday when
my acupuncturist shared with me that the pulse of both my liver and kidney have
improved and were responding well to treatment.
The first day she could barely feel them and after the first set of
treatments they hardly responded.
Thankfully yesterday they were very much present and correct.  Perhaps this explains in part why my health
has been improving over the past 3-4 weeks.
Talking of pulses I’ve had an idea which may risk stopping
mine lol… For a wee while I have been aware of a group of people (the self-labelled
“Chunky Dunkers”) who take daily swims of the slipway in Donaghadee beside the
Sailing Club.  A bigger pack of nutters
you are unlikely to find but a part of me is curious. So yesterday I noticed on
Facebook that they were gathering at 10:30am and so I took a trip down.  There were 10 of them and on the stroke of
10:30 they walked straight into the water.
No acclimatising, no deep gasping for air, no complaining – just
straight in.  They then proceeded to swim
over to Lemon’s Wharf and back, a half mile.
These guys are no whimps!!   In
conversation with one of them they told me how it had helped them with their
own struggle with Chronic Fatigue/M.E.
The Chunky Dunkers in Action
Food for thought there is no doubt so the question is now
do I have what it takes to join them.
Truth be told I am not a fan of the cold ‘BUT’ I do enjoy swimming,
especially in the sea.  Is this another
example of the ‘BUT’ as I affectionally call it that appears every now and then
in my life.  I want to be a Fireman ‘BUT’
I don’t do heights nor ladders!  I want
to volunteer for the RNLI ‘BUT’ I get sea sick! Is this yet another ‘BUT’? We
will see.  Have a great weekend folks,
enjoy and love those around you and don’t give negativity an inch!


Ps Remind me to talk to you some time about my all new
sleep initiative…

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