Purple flush…

Today I thought I would write something lighter in nature…
You know I’ve done some strange things in an effort to recover from Chronic Fatigue
but this is by far the worst.  My acupuncturist
aka “The Needle Queen” told me to get more salt (not sodium) in my system.  One of the ways she suggested was to eat Dulce.  Living beside the sea there is no
shortage of the stuff around these parts and so I thought the next time I see
it for sale I’ll grab a bag.
There Twinkle and I stood in a local Spar when some Dolce
caught my eye.  I grabbed a bag and whilst
walking to the till asked the lady how much it was.  When she replied £1 I nearly lost my
breath but pride got the better of me and I handed over my money.  I had better like this I thought to myself.
Dulce – the powerful purple laxative… 
By accident that evening I left the little bag of costly nutrition
in the car and so further encounters with the purple stuff would have to wait
to the next day.  Morning came with lots
of sun and as I entered the hot car I wondered what the stale smell of a
fishing port was doing in my car. 
Quickly I located the odour to the bag of weed (sea).  Barely able to stick the smell of it I opened my car window and put
off trying to eat it to later.
Later came as did hunger so I opened the bag and tried not
to inhale whilst I chewed on a piece. As I chewed I knew instantly it wasn’t good! With the texture of skin and the taste to match the smell of the aforementioned
harbour I quickly chewed and swallowed. 
Like a bush tucker trial I conquered the gag factor and with both relief
and pride thought I’ll never do that again. 
Half an hour later and… well lets just say my guts flushed themselves.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – never eat
anything purple, no good can come from it!
Ps Thank you to the reader who suggested a Pilates class I could join led by Niall Moraghan, I start on Monday and will let you all know how I get on… keep your eyes peeled!

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