Two steps forward, one step back…

Last week was my best week health wise that I have had
since June.  Hooray… however this was
then followed by yesterday which seen me virtually bed ridden… boooooo!!!  This is
the nature of this frustrating illness and it can very much seem like one step
forward two steps back.  However I
believe I’m moving forwards and that it could be more accurately portrayed by saying
its two steps forward and one step back. 
It’s the little things that you have to keep your eye
open for like witnessing your attention span gradually returning or being able
to walk the dog ten minutes without feeling like your worlds coming to an end.
Both of these things I have experienced in recent days and both I am very
thankful for.  I am also thankful for the
many friends I have both from my community and beyond who have been in contact
and got behind me in prayer.  Your
prayers are definitely being answered, thank you!
Food is definitely a big key to my recovery and I am more
and more realising just how bad a state my diet has regressed in to.  I’ve been in denial for quite some time
around this and I am very skilled at self-deception. However that dastardly
weapon of torture mentioned in my last post, the diary, has left me with nowhere
to hide. These days I am trying to be more organised, if I’m honest I’m not
being very successfully but again there are signs that its moving in the right
direction.  I have always enjoyed making basic
soups, I’m not that fond of cooking nor overly skilled at it but soups I can
do.  (Let’s not however mention the
curried carrot and parsnip soup from last week that could have fuelled the
space shuttle into orbit – horrendous!) Today I’m making the sedate potato and leek taken from the BBC “Food” website and I have put the details of it on the page above under the tab “The
Kitchen”.  Any new recipes for soups
would be most welcome!  I will let you
know how it goes, talk soon… 

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