Taking aim…

I’ve been having a wee think today and it seems to me
that this week I forgot something and that was to set a few aims.  This in part may explain why things have been
a little half-baked with one foot in the ‘let’s do this’ camp and the other in
the ‘let’s eat this first’ one.  So let’s
think of some aims for the incoming week – Monday to Monday.
1.       Drink
more natural drinks and refrain from soda of all sorts. (2 litres a day)
2.       Walk
8 miles
3.       Lose
4.       Ban
the Big Bad 4 completely no compromises (Chips, crisps, chocolate & ice
5.       Stretch
twice a day
6.       Plan
& cook meals 2-3 days ahead.
7.       Eat
one decent size portion of protein a day

If I achieve this I will be delighted.  In other less impressive news I seem to have hurt my lower back, no idea how but a bad mattress may be the culprit.
Keep an eye on RunKeeper to monitor my
walking progress if you fancy it and keep checking in on this blog for other
adventures and random thoughts. 

One thought on “Taking aim…

  • 18th August 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Your big bad four are toughies for me. Ice cream and chocolate! Eek!!! (Mmmmm Nutela Pizza!)


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