What’s the plan Stan?

There is an old saying “Fail to prepare and you prepare to
fail”.  I have made that mistake sooo
many times when it comes to dieting.  Peculiar
as it is I tend to be very well organised in my professional life but my
personal life time and time again is far from organised.  I need to pic a plan and stick with it!  Over the past number of years two diet plans
have stood out for me, Slimming World & Shrink .
Whilst I lost a pile of weight through Slimming World and
even hit my target weight I reflect on it with mixed emotions.  There are lots of manufactured fat free
products and on many items there are no portion controls.  For an overeating comfort eater like myself
it worked but didn’t solve the long term problem.  It was no more than a sticking plaster.  Shrink on the other hand is high protein low
carbs plan.  The type of diet that has
the mantra “If it is made in a plant leave it, if it is a plant eat it!”. My
problem with it is I don’t enjoy most forms of protein and most meals on a plan like this present a
certain gag factor.  Now admittedly I
need to grow up, get past that and stop eating like a teenager however it’s a big
ask to accept the gag factor with most meals.

I recently have been impressed with a diet plan written
by Joe Wicks, called ‘Lean in 15’.  The
15 comes from his claim the meals are cooked within 15 minutes.  Again it’s a high protein low carb plan but the
idea of cooking that takes only 15 minutes appeals.  To complement that he has many 15 second
videos on YouTube and Instagram which show him cooking and I could learn a lot
from this. (see clip above) What is there not to like except he uses a lot of eggs. 
So whats the plan Stan?? 
Well at this point I think I may try and blend all three alongside a
complete ban on confectionary and carry out meals.  Or what I used to call the big bad 4 – chips,
crisps, chocolate and ice cream.

As Joe Wicks would say I need to plan like a boss.  Have prepared meals 2-3 days in advance and
stick to it.  Its time I learnt to cook
and plan…

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