Fast-forward 3 years…

A month after my last post I was at a Christmas party and fell
off the wagon.  3 years on and a horrific
76lbs heavier I have still not managed to catch up with the aforementioned wagon.   A lot
has gone down in the period since. 
One of the biggest things is that I have been suffering from
a bizarre chronic fatigue illness. 
Slowly and gradually over the past two years I have had less and less
energy to the point of were walking a mile was considered an achievement.  Many treatments later I believe I am
recovering but it is tediously slow and I need to be careful not to spend tomorrow’s
energy today. At this point 30 minutes of low level to moderate exercise
empties the bank and to go any further would take me beyond the red line.  This in itself presents a sizable challenge
as all weight loss campaigns of the past relied heavily on exercise. Thankfully
I have a very supportive family and a great friend who is a very talented
personal trainer/nutritionist and he has been providing much needed advice and

So are you up for journeying with me?  Check in every couple of days then to join in
the conversation…

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