Journeying on…

About a year or so ago I thought I was finished with the
world of blog.  I had kept a number of
them for many years and I thought that their usefulness had come to an
end.   I’m not fully convinced yet but
perhaps I was wrong, perhaps I should give blogging another throw of the dice.
You see as I write I recognise that I have hit a very critical
juncture of my life.  Since 1st
October last year I’ve lost around 6 and a half stone and some might say I’ve
hit my ideal weight and that the battle is over.  Having hit my target I would have thought
that I would have cracked it but recently some questions have started to haunt
me.  These include:
Why 4-5 weeks after hitting my target weight had
I put on over 10lbs?
Why does it feel like food is still controlling
Why even with eating healthy (as I understand
it) are my energy levels all over the place and very unpredictable.
A very good friend recommended a book to me (as she is in
the habit of doing lol) and as I’ve read it over the past few months it’s
challenged me to my very core. Its one of the first books I’ve read that
through the looking glass of faith and scripture poured light on my battles
with food.  Whilst it’s often a painful
read I recognise that it’s a healing pain and is starting to make sense of all
my defeats and victories (or so I thought) with and over food.
I’ve reopened my blog to help me process my thoughts and learning
and hopefully to encourage and inspire people who have the same struggles. May
God bless our journey and bring progress to us all. Enjoy!

“Whether we are at the beginning of our journey, in the
middle, or in the danger zone of having just reached our weight loss goals, we can’t
have the mindset of this being a hard, impossible sacrifice.  Focusing only on what we are giving up will
make us feel constantly deprived.  And
deprivation leads to desperation, frustration and failure.  Instead, we have to focus on everything we
are gaining through this process.  And
see the gains as more valuable than the losses.” 
Lysa Terkeurst “Made to Crave” p181

Ps Lots of the links and stuff on this blog are now out of
date… give me a few weeks and hopefully it will return to being all singing all

One thought on “Journeying on…

  • 3rd December 2013 at 11:44 am

    I might take a look at that book.

    Several years on I still have the odd blip. Keeping the focus long term difficult.


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