Saturdays run… why the grind???

Yesterday our cycling crew and I decided to ignore the temperature and head out on the bikes.  My mate was keen to hit the hills and I decided to roll with it.  To be fair I’ve dictated the terrain and distance of late and so felt that I really couldn’t complain he was long overdue a turn.  When we started out I was literally in shock at the freezing winds hit my baldy head but everything within me was up for it and as we headed up the Saintfield Road (a longish climb) I felt good.
As we arrived into Saintfield things began to change and I began to feel a little weak.  Still I thought I just needed a few carbs and things would pick up.  The only thing that picked up was the pace and the altitude.  To be fair it was nothing horrendous I just didn’t have it in me.  We hit our usual coffee shop and I was cramping all over.  Everything was starting to feel like a grind and by now 20 miles into it I was starting to dread the remaining 15 or so.
It had been 21 days since my last bike ride, a fact I had over looked.  I was starting to question the wisdom of the training session I had done the day before.  Had it taken too much out of me? I was also wondering if the Slimming World diet was failing to deliver on the energy front (on reflection I doubt it).  We arrived back to our starting point and I was body bagged to use an expression of an old mate of mine.  Once home my stomach went on strike demanding that I was within striking distance of a toilet for the afternoon.  So here’s what I’m taking from it…
  1. 20 days off the bike is too much
  2. I need to incorporate at least one other bike ride a week
  3. Friday should be a rest day in preparation for Saturday’s ride
  4. You should listen if your body starts to give up mid run, perhaps at that point its time to head home.
Overall but I enjoyed the route and the company – I’ll be back at it for next week and hopefully be kicking a bit of butt!! 

2 thoughts on “Saturdays run… why the grind???

  • 14th October 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Be in no doubt. Those drumlins take a serious toll and sap your energy. I remember back to my 2nd cycle of the year. I had been hitting the gym twice a week sometimes 3 all Jan. I went out for my first cycle along the coast and hung in no problem at all and was very proud of myself. The following week I went on the club ramble which was about 60 miles around the areas you were. At the 30 mile mark I was body bagged and had a guy pushing me up a hill into carryduff (I lie not).

    I did the same ramble 2 weeks ago and breezed it. Keep doing the things you hate Pete. If you shy away you'll never be able to do it. Next year (and for the rest of this) I plan to do some hills every other week at the very least 🙂

  • 14th October 2012 at 8:15 pm

    I appreciate the encouragement lad!!! Webber states he likes to stretch me so I doubt I'll be resting on my laurels too much bless him. Must join up with Scrabo Wheelers one day when I could do a 50 mile run!


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