The Cotswold discount card…

I love functional clothing.  Clothing designed for a purpose and a function.  I particularly like outdoors gear, when I can get it in my size and I have to say I’ve found a gem!  Recently as I purchased a bodywarmer in Cotswold a staff member asked me to sign up for their card.  Suspicious I said no thanks but when they explained that all it was was a discount card and all I needed to provide was my e-mail address I said yes.  Especially when they told me it would give me 20% of the £120 bodywarmer I had just put on the counter (a nice birthday present from monies I was given).

Every month they send you an e-mail with the months offers.  Last month I bought shoes and insoles and saved myself around £40 and this month I bought walking trousers and saved £20.  If you like your gear and fancy some discount get yourself a card.

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