One week into Slimming World…

I arrived at the Slimming World venue this morning kind of
nervous.  I made sure that I was wearing
light clothes and that I had taken my shoes of and my mobile phone and keys out
of my pockets as I got onto the scales… 
I kind of suspected that I had had a major loss as I had had a sneaky
weigh in yesterday but I was anxious my scales hadn’t been accurate or had made
some nasty mistake.  When the scales read
out a loss of 8.5lbs I was well chuffed and so was the class co-ordinator.  My wife also had a major loss and so we both
walked out on air.

This week I would like to focus on getting more training
in.  Last week was good but I would have
liked more in.  I’m also going back to my
podiatrist to see what we can do with my dodgy feet.  He’s doing some bio-mechanical tests whatever
they are so we’ll see what the outcome of those are.
I feel physically a lot better and I can feel my mindset
changing to a more positive attitude. 
Bring it on!!

**See “The Scales” for the facts and figures (Tab above)

2 thoughts on “One week into Slimming World…

  • 8th October 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Heading the right way Pete, keep er lit


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