It’s both a physical and a mental challenge…

I’ve had a week of Slimming World and I have to say it
certainly seems to be effective. I’ll wait to tomorrow to release the figure of
weight actually lost but let’s just say it looks very promising.  It’s been a very challenging stressful week
so to be able to say that I have not only stuck with my diet but have also lost
weight is two major achievements for someone like me who is a chronic comfort

I need to work harder on my positive self talk.  The pattern is that if I went out right now and
ate my fill in a fast food joint I would enjoy it till I was finished and right
in that second I would then turn on myself and beat myself up for days.  Mentally it would get quite nasty with the
internal conflict being extremely brutal. 
However when I achieve anything positive like what I’ve just shared with
this week there is barely a positive word of affirmation said.  I need to work harder at believing in myself
and treating myself with respect.

The Jillian Michaels book I’m reading at the moment looks at
this.  I have to say that whilst I haven’t
had a lot of time to read it what I have has impressed me.  I must review more of what I’m reading in her
book.  That’s me for now, till the next
post look after yourselves…

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