And we’re off; the “Fit for 40” campaign has begun!

I know your first thought will be – surely he can’t be even
close to 40… but I am.  I’d like to thank
my moisturiser, healthy eating and the array of dietary supplements I should
have been taking but alas it’s all down to the incredulous gene pool I
originated from.  Anyway enough of this “jibber
jabber” as Mr. T would say, today is the start of getting fit for my 40th
birthday 7 months away (33 weeks).
I’ve been doing a bit of reading and considering my strategy
and goals.  More details will be released
later but for now these are my overall goals and in no particular order.
  1. To
    be in the area of 16 stone (A loss of
    approximately 4 stone)
  2. To
    be fit enough to attend a variety of exercise classes & train 5 days a
  3. “To
    offer my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.” Romans 12
    v 1.
  4. To
    be able to buy clothes easily and look good in them.
  5. To fully
    understand why I ever reached the weight I did and to be able to prevent
    my weight from yo-yoing.
  6. To
    be able to cook in a more wholesome and holistic way.
  7. To
    buy a wet suit for the summer of 2013 and enjoy harbour swims.
  8. To
    be fit and fast enough to ride with a cycling club should I chose and
    participate in sportives.
  9. To
    get to the bottom of what is causing so many foot injuries.
  10. To
    have the internal strength to face and manage my anxieties on a day to day
    basis without overeating.
My strategy is a simple one. 
On focusing on diet tonight I will attend my first session of Slimming
World.  I’ve avoided it like the plague
in the past but to be honest I need some structure, focus and accountability
and this will provide it. On the exercise front I want to build a good level of
general fitness.  I suspect that I’m picking up injuries by doing to much of the same thing.  I want to get to level of training to 5 days a
week and doing a different form of exercise each time.  Everything from cycling, swimming, walking
(with the dog of course), exercise classes and jogging will form part of my
regular exercise routine.
More details to follow but until then here’s to being Fit
for 40…
PS I’d love someone to throw together a wee “fit for 40”
logo if ya fancied it I’d deeply appreciate it! 

4 thoughts on “And we’re off; the “Fit for 40” campaign has begun!

  • 1st October 2012 at 11:14 am

    Go on my son, you can do it.

  • 1st October 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Where's the like button?

  • 1st October 2012 at 11:47 pm

    PS Good luck with SW. I've heard only good things about it, especially recently. xox

  • 2nd October 2012 at 6:24 am

    PN – like buttons would be great and some blogs have them. So fa however I haven't seen that option with Blogger.

    Nutnut – such an appropriate name 😉 the great thing is Jane has joined me and it feels like she's on a mission. It can only be a win/win.


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