Its been a few months of firsts…

I got bored of blogging so it’s been all but forgotten. Thankfully my bike and I have seen a lot of each other and here’s a wee update!*
1. Did my first ever 40 mile journey ever 2. Did my first ever 50 mile journey ever 3. Did my first 30 miles @ an average of 15mph 4. Did my first spin class & loved it. 5. Completed my first sportive (62 miles & a personal best for distance)*
It’s been a massive spring and talk is we may do another sportive at the end of August called “Lap The Lough” at 81 miles. Loving my cycling and wishing I could get back to loving the blog. The only bad point is that my weight loss is a mess. I’m now 18st 4.5lbs, that’s nearly a stone heavier since Easter. Bizarre I know, I wish it wasn’t but it is and this week and seen a renewed focus on lossin it again!

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