Smashing a glass ceiling…

I’m kind of scared to go public with this bit of news as I’m terrified of failure, however I need to commit to it to achieve a result and so going public with it on the blog should help. (Takes deep breath) The news is I’ve registered for my first ever public cycling event “The Bangor Coastal Challenge” run by North Down Cycling Club. I’ve wanted to do this event for some time but in previous years as a result of the fear I’ve put lots of self imposed hurdles in the way. In some respects at 100K it isn’t massive compared to what some of my blogging mates have done but for me its 22 miles more than my personal best. I seem to hit a glass ceiling at around 30 miles where I just conk out. I’ve been victim of it for two years now but it needs to go. More & more of my mates have taken up cycling and I want to get out with them. To do so I will need more speed & stamina and training for this event should really help. Watch this space.

*Should you have any advice or helpful tips I’d really apreciate you passing them on!

One thought on “Smashing a glass ceiling…

  • 14th March 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Adequate fuelling is what you need. Stock up on enough carbs for the ride and don't think about the calories for the day as you will definitely use them all up. Staying hydrated is the key too. You can do it!


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