A brief run through of the past wee while…

Life has been a little intense over the past week or so and blogging has had to take a back seat for a bit – here are the highlights of the aforementioned time period!*

– I’ve been aiming to do 30 miles in 2 hours hitting an average of 15mph but as yet have failed to achieve it. On Tuesday I was out for a 27 mile run and in the first hour did 15 miles… BIG result for me especially consider the route was quite hilly!*

– On Wednesday I had my heart monitored for 24 hours due to an ongoing complaint of a thumping heart beat at night. Results out next week.*

– I rode 40 miles today and set a personal best for mileage.*

– The weight/fat gathered around and above my hips seems to be reducing – happy days and at long last.*

– I bought a bandana for below my helmet to protect my baldy head when out cycling. The minute I did the rain arrived.*

– Talking of helmets I found a crack in my current one and need to replace it. Raging as its only 10 years old 😉 *

– I found a website that people in Northern Ireland actually sell their used bikes through – is a winter bike around the corner for me?*

– I was confused today for being part of a cycling club – what a compliment!

One thought on “A brief run through of the past wee while…

  • 5th July 2010 at 9:31 am

    Cycling seems to be going brilliant. I've never cycled up a hill in my life (there aren't any to speak of in my neck of the woods, and if I encounter a slight one I tend to get off and push!) so I stand in awe. 40 miles including hills!! I'm going to try for 12 today, no hills!

    Hope the heart thing gets sorted out. I hate hearing my heart beat at night, which I sometimes do because of stress, even when I have no real reason to be stressed. Let us know when you get the results.


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