Bitter Sweet…

It was here at last – the day my physio suggested taking the bike out! So 7am came and I jumped, well closer to rolled out of bed and down to the Newry Canal I went. Out came the road bike for the first time in close to two months and out we headed. Those flipping shoes and pedals need frequent use to inspire confidence. There hasn’t been any use and so confidence was severely lacking as I wobbled off at the start. My destination was Portadown and my location was Scarva. The route deliberately chosen for its smooth service and flat terrain.*

My car took the temperature outside at 2 degrees and by 5 minutes into the ride I was wishing I had brought my gloves as the cold air was slicing at my fingers like Freddie Krueger. Thankfully 15 minutes in saw my internal central heating kick in and my hands returned to normal. 30 minutes in and 8 miles later I arrived at Portadown feeling good and delighted my knee wasn’t painful. A risk perhaps but after getting off the bike and stretching I thought I would up the action by a few gears and sit at 19mph instead of the 15 I had done on the way out. I bumped into a couple on mountain bikes and initially thought they were going to slow me down but as I drew closer I realised they were on hybrid training bikes and were flying. It was good to sit behind them and when they pulled off the path I was so inspired I pushed on harder.


I was now two thirds into my journey and my legs had grown heavy. I felt ok but I knew fatigue was setting in. To my pleasant surprise I must have stopped thinking about it and Scarva came back into view without me realising it. It was a great ride out and my knee hasn’t hurt all day – that’s the sweet part. The bitter part is the realisation that my fitness is shoot to pieces, ah well you can’t have everything!*

Today’s stats Distance = 16 miles (Computer stating 14.88 – have checked settings, can’t figure out what’s wrong!) Total time = 1:05’40 Avg Speed = 13.6mph Max speed = 20.6mph Avg heart rate = 145 bpm Max heart rate = 173 bpm Calories = 952 (40% fat)

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