Time to return to the roots of this blog!

Its time to jazz this wee blog up… perhaps even make it my main blog, lets face it the other one seems close to dead and ready to breath its last! So here’s to getting back to recording my journey out of obesity and onwards towards good health!

I’ve returned back to the gym these past two weeks and I must say I’m surprised how I’ve missed it. Truth be told I decided I couldn’t afford it anymore as the economic situation had not been the strongest. Then as winter started to change to spring I hit the bike hard and as a result of lacking the strength and general fitness the gym and cross training offered me this time last year I have more injuries that a A&E ward.

The good news is I think I’m close to being injury free but it was a harsh lesson to learn. Forgetting that injury prone is not something I want to do again! Respect for yourself or in cycling terms your engine, is not something that should be lacking…

It’s good to be back in the blogisphere! 😉

One thought on “Time to return to the roots of this blog!

  • 28th May 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I'm just starting out on my own weight loss journey and am thinking of joining the gym – but yet, price is inhibitive!! My local one in Bannantyne's which is about fifty pounds a month – eek!


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