Commuting to work…

For a long time I’ve aspired to commuting to work on my bike. Previously I either worked to far away from home to cycle or to close (like metres) to be bothered. It was with much jealousy that I watched a few friends blend there travel to and from work with exercise and lose weight in the process. As you know I recently opened the doors of my new counselling practice “Momentum Counselling, Belfast” and its offices are on the lagan tow path. So I drove to Lisburn, lifted the bike of the car and cycled the 7 miles down the path to my office. Great exercise in a very safe and traffic free environment, you can’t beat it!

Friday was my first blast at it and it was great, so great that I didn’t seem to mind the snow blizzard that accompanied me on the way there and the hailstones that hit me on the way back. Thank goodness I was wearing my new cycling glasses. Now I’ve managed to do it once my plan is to as frequently as my hectic lifestyle will allow. Bring it on – its to be recommended!

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