I have a confession…

I have to confess that I’ve started to do something I said I never would – jog! I’ve not really considered it as previous adolescent experiences told me that its mind numbingly boring but also I feared three things. Firstly, the explosion of my lungs after 20 seconds of effort. Secondly, that I would need a torso bra type device to stop the massive and potentially painful wibble wobble of my midriff and chest. Finally, that my joints would bust open with the pressure my weight would put on them.

Last week, however, in an attempt to introduce some freshness to my exercise regime I jogged a little. Now, I do mean a little as I ran round a side of a football pitch, walked round the next, jogged the next and so on till I got round the pitch 3 times. I then went back into the gym for something a little less demanding.

I was pleasantly surprised by this experience jogging and the lack of pain afterwards and so this week I thought I would include it again. This time I used some playing fields which had a running track marked out on it for a school sports days. I had my GPS unit with me and it told me that my walking, jogging and sprints all added up to 3 miles. Not that impressive for some but a respectable enough distance for me. In between sprints etc I also did some press ups etc taken from the circuit training I did as a lad when I played rugby. In total my heart monitor told me that in 50 minutes I had burnt 609 calories, 45% of which was fat, my average heart rate was 133 bpm and my max 175.

All and all I enjoyed it although if I want to continue down this road my feet will have to toughen up as I now have two fairly large blisters on the arches of my feet. New trainers should also help with this when my budget allows. However, I’m not so sure how to resolving my hamstrings gurning like a bunch of old lads at the cost of living.

I think I might start to consider getting myself ready for some circuit training classes in the autumn. Who would have thought?

One thought on “I have a confession…

  • 14th June 2009 at 3:42 pm

    I read it as confesion of a dogger at first lol, Well done mate


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