My weight today…

17st 10.5lbs (248.5lbs)
0.5lbs lighter than last week – 54.5lbs lighter than August ’08

I’ve reached the half way point…

To be honest I woke this morning to the realisation that after the biggest week of exercise I’ve ever had I’d lost the grand total of half a pound. I was disgusted!

Then I reminded myself of the fact that struck me earlier this week – I’m now 54lbs lighter and half way towards my goal! This is big news and news I should hold tightly to. To have lost this in 9 months is a big achievement. The truth is that this was achieved on week after week of small loses and so as long as I’m heading in the right direction I should hold my head high.

Weeks of big weight losses are dangerous as they set high expectations for the following week which if not met can then lead to a massive downer. I’ll take my half pound and be thankful. Here’s to the next one…

One thought on “My weight today…

  • 7th June 2009 at 10:14 am

    Mate (As always) Your a huge inspiration, Keep with that positive vibe, hopefully it will rub off onto me, We are doing it mate, we will get there in the end, We have changed our lives forever mate.


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