Tips learnt from the journey…

Tip 9 – Understanding and being prepared for what lies ahead
On the weight loss front the last 6 – 7 weeks has been a real roller coaster of a ride. Over April I lost 2lbs, put it back on and lost it again. Some weeks since I haven’t lost anything and some I’ve lost only a very small amount. The truth is but that that’s ok – this is a life long journey and it’s the direction I’m travelling in that counts most, not the distance.

Somewhere in my head there is a part that believes that one day I will wake up and have lost all my access weight. (This part is truth). I then believe that this means that I will then be “normal” (Also truth – ish 😉 Then the big fat lie comes that says I will then be free from thinking about what I can eat and what I can’t. I will be able to just live without the need to focus on my diet and its content. Now, for some people I know this is the case but truth be told it won’t be for me and nor is it for the majority of us. Somehow I forget that the majority of us need to focus on our intake, it’s just that some have learnt to manage it better than others. As a side issue don’t you just hate those that make it look effortless.

This journey has taught me that overeating is an eating disorder and in some ways can be compared to an addiction. I believe that as long as I can remember and accept that I’m an overeater in recovery and that that’s the way it will remain, I should be ok. Luckily I’ve watched a close family member beat an addiction and walked the walk of recovery for many years. The man is an inspiration!!

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