Record breakers!

Can I hear in the distance Roy Castle playing his trumpet..? This past week we’ve had constant rain and I didn’t get my midweek ride in. So as I took the bike down the street this morning I wondered could I push for 18 miles? This would see me achieve my target of 30 miles for the week and I was keen to see that happen. So far my record for distance in a single journey has sat at 20 miles. Unfortunately but this was done on the Lagan tow path which is completely flat and so it wasn’t a record I held with much pride. Given that this morning’s run was going to be on local roads which roll over hills like ocean waves on a windy day, 18 miles was always going to a BIG ask. I’m delighted to say I covered the ground and then did 4 more… We’re fairly suckin diesel now as my old friend Hugo used to say! Onwards and upwards…

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