XXXL no more…

It’s been a great start to the week with a swim yesterday that seen 2 minutes knocked off my personal best for 32 lengths. Today seen my biggest ride yet on the local roads, a ride of 12 miles. I did 20 about a month a go on the lagan towpath but it was all on the flat and so to my mind doesn’t really count. Today the hills and I got up close and personal and I came out at the end with a big smile on my face. I felt stronger than last week and generally more confident. We’ll see in the morning just how my legs feel about it.
My biggest news is I now fit smaller t-shirts!! I ordered a few new t-shirts for the summer and I took the brave move of ordering them a size smaller than I normally do. For the last number of years I’ve worn XXXL but they are starting to look a little big and I thought I’d push my luck and order smaller. I’m glad I did as they fit well. I’ve seen my jeans reduce in size but as yet this is the first time I’ve ordered smaller tops. Talking of “ordered” I’m really looking forward to no longer “ordering” clothes over the internet and instead buying them in shops!

See ya on down the road – good night sleep tight!!

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