Over the sickner of exercise…

It’s been a week for quality training and I think I can safely say I have got over my sickner of exercise. (I now wish I could get back to controlling my food intake as well as I had been doing) Yesterday I went swimming and had a great time. For the last month I have been doing my 32 lengths by doing 3 breast stroke followed by two front crawl and not stopping throughout the session. Yesterday I upped it to 3 breast stroke and 3 front crawl. I was delighted by how my body adapted to it. It might have something to do with all the hillwalking I did last week but a month or so ago when I moved from 1 length of front crawl to two in a row my body felt it. As I approached 32 my limbs knew they had been through the mill. There was none of that yesterday and I was chuffed.

Today just to prove to myself that completing Thursday’s bike ride wasn’t a one of I did the same route again but going round it anti clockwise this time. It was a great ride and there is a lot to be said for hitting the roads at 7am.

It’s been a good week which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed – I’m not sure the scales will indicate much tomorrow, we’ll see. Priority for next week is to continue with the training at the new levels but more importantly regain my focus on my diet.**Ps Thanks Debs for the encouragment – it came at the right moment! 😉

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